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Chris Lamont and Matt Robinson of Monumentum

At the epicentre of the world's most influential brands you'll find just two key ingredients: language and design. Our expertise in harnessing these communication assets spans over 25 years – allowing us to build strategy and creativity that helps brands gain a competitive advantage in an ever changing world.

Chris Lamont

Creative Director: Language

Chris Lamont is passionate about the power words have to change the way people think, talk and act. To change lives. As much as he loves writing screenplays, poetry and puncharged advertising headlines, most of his writing time is now spent impressing upon organisations of all sizes the vital role words play in brand development and engagement.

Chris on LinkedIn

Matt Robinson

Creative Director: Design

Matt has spent 20 years working with some of the largest organisations across the globe, creating commercially and culturally effective brands. He describes the process of design as a blend of human understanding and creative application – employing art direction, language, animation and 3D to get brands noticed and remembered.

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We’ve helped shape the way the world’s biggest brands look and speak to their audiences. We’d love to help you too.