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Creating the story for a world leading science centre

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Dynamic Earth is a visitor attraction unlike any other. Boasting numerous interactive galleries and an impressive 360° planetarium, it was originally designed to enhance public understanding of our planet's geological history. But with an escalating climate crisis and a broader understanding of the impact humanity has placed on our ecosystems, Dynamic Earth needed to start a new chapter.

From beginning to mend

With a seismic shift in organisational purpose around the corner, we had to carefully redefine the way Dynamic Earth would present its story to the outside world. Staff, management and board were all involved in a series of creative workshops that led to an extensive new brand, audience messaging and a new visual system that would unfold across the entire visitor experience. Whether you're climate anxious, a climate activist or unsure of your position on the planetary crisis, Dynamic Earth's brand now provides a platform that gives you leading-edge scientific discovery whilst allowing you to draw your own conclusions – and write your own role in humanity's greatest challenge.


Discover the past, write the future

The visual identity and tone of voice now places the story of Planet Earth at its core, featuring a graphic device that literally turns the pages of Earth's past, present and future. Each page represents a piece of Dynamic Earth's immersive and wide-ranging content – a visitor experience where you can discover the past, observe the present and build a deeper understanding of our shared future. Building out into an extensive visual identity and targeted messaging system, the brand now captures imaginations and provides limitless creative opportunities to tell the extraordinary story of planet Earth – from beginning to mend.

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