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Whisky that goes against the grain

In 2019, Crabbies began work renovating a distillery in the heart of Leith – the birthplace of John Crabbie and Co. Launching with a new, non-age statement Whisky to attract a different crowd of drinkers, Crabbies needed a market position that fought against the grain.

The idea:

‘No boundaries’

A new wave of products are entering the market, with pop culture references and trends around craft enhancing the profile of entry level expressions. Perfect timing for a disruptive brand to be reimagining whisky for a younger generation.

“No Boundaries” is a call to arms; a narrative of urban discovery, grounded in Leith’s gritty, rebellious spirit, and encouraging drinkers to escape convention to discover their own pathway.

Created in collaboration with Steely Fox

Launch campaign identity

Crabbies Yardhead whisky by Monumentum Brands

Launch campaign

Crabbies Yardhead whisky launch campaign identity by Monumentum Brands


Crabbies Yardhead whisky brand launch by Monumentum Brands

Brand activation

Crabbies Yardhead art direction by Monumentum Brands

Art direction

Crabbies Yardhead art direction by Monumentum Brands